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Business plan for manufacturing roofing and sheet metal products
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Business plan for manufacturing roofing and sheet metal products


The company was established in 1991 based on the personal contributions of citizens, the form of ownership - private, the main activity - production of sheet metal products for people and organizations. Production equipment is located on leased premises. There are furnished warehouses for raw materials (metals, polymers) and for the stock of finished goods.
Production company - sheet metal products for the population of Rostov-on-Don and rural districts of the Rostov region (buckets, piping boilers, ritual items, roofing elements, spillways, etc.).

The purpose of a business plan is:
Rationale for cost-effectiveness of the second stage of the development of LLP "Risk" by organizing workshops manufacturing elements of roof and overflow system for a new coating technology products of polymeric materials;
Meeting the demand of the population of Rostov-on-Don in these construction materials and provision of wholesale supply roofing elements of the construction and trading organizations of Rostov-on-Don, Rostov Region and the South-Russian region that corresponds to the priority areas of socio-economic development.
Profit company, sufficient to repay the loans and the accumulation of net profits to further increase the consumption fund of the employees and the development of production, timely and full repayment of loan funds.
Characteristic of the market. Market - Regional, target markets are divided into 3 segments, in accordance with the level of profitability of the population and prices for finished products in stock. Competitive environment is to analyze the level of competition, average and below average. Market share in Rostov-on-Don, -30-40%, demand - a cyclical, tends to increase.
Investment plan - to buy a credit funds basic equipment for the organization of a new manufacturing plant for the manufacture and coatings of elements of the spillway system and roofing elements of cottage-type buildings. Preliminary talks on expanding the volume of purchases of materials and sales of finished products, agreements have been concluded, the intentions. Staff trained and prepared, hold samples of new products, implemented test consignment. The commissioning of new plant capacity will be undertaken in accordance with the organizational plan in three to four weeks after purchase. At full power plant goes in the second quarter of 1998
The results of the investment project. At full capacity utilization of new shop turnover will be - 975.0 thousand rubles. per quarter; costs on a basic material - 450.0 thousand rubles. per quarter; cumulative net profit in the first quarter after a settlement with the bank - 288.0 thousand rubles.; profitability - 38.8%.
Risk factors in the project are: changing the tax and banking legislation or the sharp decline in profitability of the population (demand falling), force majeure, associated with changes in the economic situation in the country as a whole.
Needful of annual funding - 326.0 thousand rubles. under the bank rate - 60% per annum, the credit period -12 months. Required support - repayment of interest on the loan and mortgage guarantees from regional funds.

2. ENTERPRISE AND PRODUCTS. Investment intentions

Company - LLC "Risk" - was founded in 1991 based on the personal contributions of individuals (charter and registration documents are attached).
The main activity-production: manufacturing products from sheet metal, belonging to a group of consumer goods (buckets, equipment, exhaust systems, kitchen facilities, elements of ritual design, piping boilers, roofing components and systems of weirs, etc.).
The enterprise was, in fact, the first in a private enterprise specializing in producing just such a group of products, and has since gained a wide industrial experience, highly skilled staff, which affects the level of product quality and confident position in the market tinware.
Fixed assets are located in two production sites, which include milking machines cutting sheet metal for cold forming, faltseprokatny machine, equipment and accessories for installation of finished products.
Profitability in the sector of consumer goods and building elements attracted to the market for the flow of imported products and, simultaneously, the organization of such firms in the city of Rostov-on-Don region. This circumstance has required management to LLP "Risk" decision to change the product mix and enhance its consumer and aesthetic quality.
In accordance with the investment conception LLP "Risk", relying on market research on the elements of the roofing and weirs in the region, developed a new range of advanced types of products. It includes:
Gutter bracket
Gutter bracket
Skate simple
Skate figured
Go to channel
A front cover
Window reflux
Withdrawal from the wall
Each SKUs goods manufactured in the corresponding form the source material, characterized by the quality of the metal, its coverage and the projected level of sales price per unit (see Table 3.2.).
To implement the commercial strategy of the firm will require a corresponding change of the production structure of the enterprise.
In accordance with the second stage of enterprise development in the technological scheme of production includes four new sites in accordance with the production stages in the manufacture of new products.
For a complete parts department of technological equipment necessary to satisfy orders for unique machines and devices and, in part, the purchase of standard equipment.
In the investment objects (see Table 2.1.) Also includes the cost of installation of the equipment and the initial need for materials to implement the first step turnover.

Weddings. Business plan for the agency organization of weddings. Business Plan
Muscovite Irina Vladykino and Ekaterina Kabanova plan to open the agency for conducting weddings. How to implement this project and where to start? "SB" arranged for the sponsors met with experts in marketing and organizing events

Project "Wedding agency" presented at the competition, "Open your own business!" And recognized as one of its winners. It is assumed that such an agency would provide full service to marry, beginning with sewing dresses for the bride, holding bachelor / bachelorette party and ending honeymoon.

Direct competitors in the Moscow market has been found. Indirect competitors - many of the company that organizes parties and celebrations, as well as shops selling clothing and accessories for the bride and groom.

Given the fact that at first Irina Vladykina and Ekaterina Kabanova plan to dispense with the office, start-up investments in the agency is $ 2250. Total volume of investments needed - $ 55 thousand

Problem number 1. Market positioning
One of the first tasks that have to solve, since the release of new product or service - to figure out on what the target audience of consumers will be calculated. Or, in other words, to determine the positioning of its product on the market. Therefore, the discussion of the problems related to the organization of wedding agency, Irina Vladykina and Ekaterina Kabanova began with a marketing consultant - the general director of the agency Step by step Anastasia PTUHOY. Here is what she advised.

AP: There are two main options for positioning in the market of wedding services:
- Work with all the married couples who can not draw;
- Select a small group or a specific product and focus on him.

Suppose, was chosen the first option. The next step - segmenting potential consumer audience: age, wealth, residence, etc. For example, you divide your potential customers into three categories: "student", "economical" citizens and "wealthy." Hence, for each of these groups need its approach and its unique offering.

Thus, for the "students" in all likelihood, most importantly - low cost and clarity of the wedding agency, the ability to completely rely on him. For them to be interested in "box" proposals, which include the full range of wedding services: custom orders, transportation, flower arrangement, photography, banquet. Therefore it is necessary to form several low-cost options such as "boxes" and two or three more expensive.

IV and EK: And what if you do cheap "group marriage"?
AP: Great idea! Check it with a survey of students: Prepare a questionnaire and distribute it in several universities. It will not be very difficult.
For the "thrifty" customers also are ideal "box" solutions. However, in this segment can be not only young, but mature people who are not suffering from a lack of money. Therefore, the options are "boxes" should be more diverse in composition and price. Working with this client group, emphasis should be on value for money.

A "wealthy" is important to demonstrate personal service. So for them "boxes" are no longer suitable. For these are important recommendations and reputation of the firm. So you should make a good album, which will be enclosed photos of weddings, which the company conducted earlier. Perhaps for this album first wedding is even arrange for free.

The most important thing is that each of these three groups need to work differently. To the extent that it is worth to develop three different corporate identity design for business cards and promotional products. In addition, each of the three segments should work different agents.

Hence, the first thing to do when an agency refers a new client is to determine which of these three groups he belongs. To do so should instruct the manager in charge of the phone calls. Prepare for him a short list of questions he must ask the client.

However, from a financial point of view, work with several groups of clients is quite expensive. Require a large amount of non-recurring and fixed costs. It's much cheaper to work in any one narrow niche market. Say, to develop a script weddings and offer only him.

IV and EK: Right now in vogue East. We came up version of "Moorish" wedding. You can go ahead and do, such as weddings on Japanese traditions.
AP: Yes, in this case and you'll run into a narrow niche. This path is good that on your unique product you can charge high prices. But remember that the wedding scenario in our country will not be able to protect copyright. Therefore we must be prepared for the fact that a number of imitators appear, which will benefit your development and will offer their customers a lower price.


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